Michael Udow was the 2014-15 Composer-in-Residence with the Colorado Chamber Orchestra. He has composed operas, film scores, orchestral and wind ensemble works as well as numerous chamber music and solo compositions. Michael’s distinctive compositional voice alludes categorization. Quite often, his rhythmically engaging complex contrapuntal lines with dense timbres weave effortlessly with memorable melodic lines. As you explore this site, you can listen to a sample of Michael’s music, and view samplings of his musical compositions.

“Michael’s Shattered Mirror Suite has been a real delight for us to put together; the orchestra has dove into it with enthusiasm and interest. Michael’s ears for the sounds of the orchestra are very unique. His pacing and sense of timing are so wonderfully refreshing as well. It’s a well-crafted piece. It certainly reflects Michael’s eclectic artistic personal life, borrowing of course from his Eastern knowledge and Javanese Gamelan sounds (a kind of Alan Hovhannesesque patience, influenced also by the beauty you can hear in the timeless music of Olivier Messiaen). Most importantly, it’s really Mike’s signature. It’s the type of music, in my opinion, that really needs to be heard by others. — Larry Rachleff, Music Director; Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

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Listen to Music Samples

The Shattered Mirror Suite, Sample A
Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra;
Larry Rachleff, Conductor

The Shattered Mirror Suite,  Sample B

Bayou Reflections
Colorado Chamber Orchestra; Thomas Blomster, Conductor

Moon Shadows
Madison Philharmonia; Scott Teeple, Conductor; Anthony Di Sanza, Multiple Percussion

Electric Silence
Colorado Chamber Orchestra; Thomas Blomster, Conductor; David Barron, Baritone

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra; Michael Butterman, Conductor; Brian Jones, Timpani

Colorado Chamber Orchestra; Thomas Blomster, Conductor; Dave Alcorn, Mutliple Percussion

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