Dance Music Compositions

Dance Music


Viola and Dancer Duet    2 Scores
[5:30 minutes]
Staging and blocking is given for both the violist and the dancer. The viola music is completely composed. The dancer is provided rhythms to which movements with modest choreographic instructions are presented. This work can be performed in a traditional Recital Hall, thus allowing for a nice change of pace to an otherwise traditional recital repertory program.




Percussionist & Dancer
[4 minutes]   (EQ 05 Verederos CD) Difficulty: IV
The percussion part is written for 2 maracas and a bass drum foot pedal with a wood beater playing a wood block; the choreography (by Nancy Udow) for the dancer is in instructional text form, both performers must be able to read simple shifting meter changes, and memorization is required of the dancer.




3 Actors, Dancers, and/or Musicians
[8 minutes]     Difficulty: V
This time/space score for a trio of actors, dancers, mimes, and/or musicians gives explicit instructions for interpreting a series of Pictograms which constantly mutate related, yet distinct, materials selected and/or created by the interpreter/performers. Premiered by The New Verbal Workshop.




[20 minutes]     Difficulty: II
This minimalist performance art work for one dancer and tape (to be recorded by four performers) was a collaboration between the composer and visual artist, Karen Watts; the sound notation for stones, voice, dripping water, camera shutter, 2 desk bells and sandpaper blocks is graphic, proportional, and can be performed by non-percussionists; specific instructions for making fabric objects which cover a wooden tree limb are given as well as movement instructions indicating how these objects are to be manipulated during the performance. Commissioned & premiered by Mary Fulkerson, Dartington, England.