Michael Udow |Performed by the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble

“Michael’s music is different. Metric, patterned, timbrally concise, it is dialectical: it makes changeable that which repeats and makes repetitive that which changes.”

“In Michael’s music, timbre is never merely coloristic (thought it may embellish) nor associative (though it may evoke). Rather, timbre is structurally central, in the same sense that harmony is structurally central to, say, the Baroque.”
Bill Brooks

Available on LP only, with booklet.

Side 1
1 Rock Etude #7 (Bill Douglas/Michael Udow) 2:42
2 Bog Music (Udow) 15:15
Side 2
3 Timbrack Quartet #1 (Udow) 4:12
4 A Bird Whispered: “Your Children are Dying” (Udow) 10:58