Michael Udow

“A rara avis amongst percussionists — a performer and pedagogue who also displays a fecundity of imagination and a flair for composition…showcases his compositional talents in five works…proves adept at portraying contrasting sonic landscapes, from peaks of passionate intensity, such as the opening measures of The Shattered Mirror and the virtuosic outbursts in Bog Music, to hypnotic, trance-like valleys, such as the chant-like marimba solo in A Bird Whispered, Your Children are Dying.” – John R. Raush – PN, February 1996

1 The Shattered Mirror: A Percussion Drama (Michael Udow) 30:19
2 Rock Etude #7 (Bill Douglas & Michael Udow) 2:43
3 Bog Music I. II. III. (Michael Udow) 15:20
4 Timbrack Quartet (Michael Udow) 4:25
5 A Bird Whispered, Your Children are Dying (Michael Udow) 10:56
Total Playing Time 63:43