Michael Udow | Harrison, Bevelander, Hisada, Miranda

Coyote Dreams, a new work by Michael Udow for marimba soloist and three percussionists, pays homage to Minoru Miki’s Marimba Spiritual. This recording features marimbist Christopher Froh.

Suite for Percussion, a distinctive work by Lou Harrison for percussion ensemble, explores the timbrel nuances of non-standard instruments.

Synthecisms No. 6 (Nocturne for Percussion Ensemble & Pre-recorded Tape), by Brian Bevelander, was written for Michael Udow and the University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble.

Gahu, traditional drumming of West Africa, was inspired by research and recordings of David Locke. The instrumentation on this recording attempts to resemble as closely as possible the traditional arrangement of a Gahu ensemble.

Progression, by composer Niriko Hisada, is a new piece for four hand-clappers.

Polysonics, a concerto by Anthony Miranda, utilizes the drum set as a solo multiple percussion instrument. Miranda is featured on drum set in this recording.

1 Coyote Dreams (Michael Udow) 14:23
2–4 Suite For Percussion (Lou Harrison)
     Moderato 3:33
     Slow 5:10
     ad lib. alla recit., Moderato Allegro 3:15
5 Synthecisms No. 6 (Brian Bevelander) 8:20
6 Gahu (traditional) 7:51
7 Progression (Noriko Hisada) 2:08
8 Polysonics (Anthony Miranda) 15:53
Total Playing Time 60:33