Michael Udow

Percussionist/Composer, Michael Udow, has created meaningful compositions while working with dancer/choreographer, Nancy Udow, under the name Equilibrium for thirty years. “Over the Moon” and “Stepping on Stars” are two works, along with “Tennei-Ji” and “Zig-Zag” which have been inspired through Michael’s experiences in Japan while on tour with legendary marimbist, Keiko Abe. The melding of Japan’s culture and history with the synthesis of Michael’s dedicated interests in poetry and the use of MIDI is blended with his sensitive awareness of time, space and energy in these works. Renowned visual artist, Rita Blitt, who has previously collaborated with Michael in film, video and sound sculpture projects listened to each composition and created special drawings in the CD booklet for each of the four works as well as providing the cover art for this project, the first solo CD, recorded and produced by Michael Udow.

1–12 Over the Moon (1986) (multiple percussion)
     Children of the world 3:34
     Lightly a new moon 1:59
     A ragged phantom 2:32
     Turning from watching the moon 3:50
     Cuckoo, if you must 2:20
     Low clouds are shattered 3:12
     If my complaining wife 3:43
     Sunflower 1:10
     Moon moves down the sky 2:18
     Broken and broken again 2:22
     A small hungry child 0:30
     Oh that moon last night! 1:04
13–21 Tennei-Ji (1999) (solo marimba & voice)
     Smallest hidden stone 1:03
     Alone in the night 0:46
     Strength is from within 0:27
     Mist floats gently 0:44
     Life springs from the earth 2:25
     The old tree listens 2:05
     Butterflies dancing 0:14
     Deep within the stone 0:38
     How do I know 3:16
22 Stepping on Stars (1996) (multiple percussion & MIDI) 25:09
23 Zig-Zag (2001) (percussion duo) 10:14
Total Playing Time 75:35