Michael Udow

The double CD set, “Footprints” – EQ81, along with this CD, EQ90, represents an attempt to document in an archival context, the majority of the remainder of my previously unrecorded percussion ensemble works. Other recorded “Udow” percussion ensemble works appear on EQ01, EQ02, and EQ50 as well
as three recordings of Coyote Dreams for solo marimba and three percussionists, recorded by marimbists: Christopher Froh – EQ25, Mayumi Hama – EQ33, and Linda Maxey – EQ79.

This CD features exceptional performances by percussionists: Alan Abel joined by fourteen percussionists; John R. Beck & Wiley A. Sykes III; Mayumi Hama & Christopher Froh; Bill Cahn & Ruth Cahn; Ian Ding with Neeraj Mehta, Neil Sisauyhoat & Michael Udow; Pius Cheung & Eriko Daimo with Brian Baldauff & Andre Dowell, as well as Mezzo-soprano Freda Herseth & Tubist Fritz Kaenzig.

1 Timelines (2004)
Alan Abel, Percussion soloist; Michael Udow, conductor
2-7 White Dwarf (2005) 7:54
2 Upon Learning that A Town Exists in Virginia called Upperville 1:17
3 White Dwarf 1:14
4 A Song of Paternal Care 1:15
5 Sunflower 1:25
6 Sonic Boom 1:41
7 Recital
Freda Herseth, Mezzo-soprano; Fritz Kaenzig, tuba; Neil Sisauyhoat, Neeraj Mehta, Brian Baldauff, Michael Udow: percussion
8 Toyama – Performance (1993)
Wiley A. Sykes, III and John R. Beck, percussion
9 Schizoid (2001)
Christopher Froh, vibraphone; Mayumi Hama, marimba
10 Sandsteps I (1988)
Ruth Cahn and Bill Cahn: percussion
11-17 Flashback (1990) 13:53
11 The Wanderer 1:20
12 The Gryphon’s Revenge 2:16
13 Fugue 2:13
14 Free-Fall 2:32
15 Kije’s Return 1:54
16 Mr. Bones 1:38
17 Eerie Days
Eriko Daimo, marimba/Pius Cheung, marimba; Brian Baldauff, vibraphone/Andre Dowell, percussion
18 Black Shogun II (2006)
Ian Ding, percussion soloist; Neeraj Mehta, Neil Sisauyhoat, Michael Udow: percussion
Total Playing Time 78:08