Theatre Music Compositions



Solo Horn & Optional Actor   Score
[7:30 Minutes]
A little drama about an itinerant former musician who dreams of finding a horn in a trash bin and rediscovers the passion of making music. The work may be performed as a solo or a scenario where an actor represents the alter-ego of the musician.




3 Actors, Dancers, and/or Musicians
[8 minutes]     Difficulty: V
This time/space score for a trio of actors, dancers, mimes, and/or musicians gives explicit instructions for interpreting a series of Pictograms which constantly mutate related, yet distinct, materials selected and/or created by the interpreter/performers. Premiered by The New Verbal Workshop.

Pages from Limits Sample Score
Pages from Limits Sample Score
Pages from Limits Sample Score




Speaking Voice, 2 Fl, B. Cl, 2 Tpt, 2 Perc, 6 Vn, 4 Vc.
Settings of dramatically spoken Haiku for male or female voice are interwoven within this BMI Award winning composition.




Solo Perc. + 6 perc. & optional Actor
[7 Minutes]   Difficulty: V
(EQ 81 Footprints CD)

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The Charm was commissioned by Jonathan Haas for his unique seventy-four inch Monster timpano, (substitute: – O-Daiko, Large Chinese Bass Drum, huge Bass Drum, etc.), speaking voices and 6 chime tubes, each played by an individual performer.

The first time I saw a picture of Jonathan’s monster drum, ‘Scene I’ in ‘Act IV’ of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, came to mind. This famous scene, set in a cavern where in the middle stands a boiling cauldron with three witches hovering over it, seemed to be a logical springboard. The English art of church bell ringing includes a practice known as change ringing and requires a bell ringer for each bell. Change Ringing has its origins in the late 16th and early 17th century. Shakespeare, ringing changes, tubular bells, a cauldron, but this time with a velum stretched over the top. I recently performed this work in Korea with the Akademie Percussion Ensemble with the cast costumed and staged in theatrical lighting. A professional actress who delivered the text was miked with voice processing through a phase-shifter, which was quite dramatic.

Pages from The Charm – Sample Score
Pages from The Charm – Sample Score
Pages from The Charm – Sample Score