Film & Video

Film & Video

[25 minutes with film, 22 minutes without film]. Difficulty: III
Versions for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble (4, 6, or 14 Players)

Video by Rita Blitt

“Abyss of Time” is an astonishingly beautiful integration of painting and music. Watching it is an experience akin to drifting through MOMA on a cloud of mesmerizing music. At times the paintings seem to be the musicians, and at other times the music seems to be painting. It is a technically perfect documentary that demonstrates how intimately connected are our aural and visual senses.”
— Martin J. Sherwin

Martin J. Sherwin is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and University Professor of History and Art History at George Mason University.

Animated DVD – Muriel Magenta, Visual Artist & Michael Udow, Music

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